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Yemen ceasefire extension demanded in Guterres-Abdollahian talks

In a phone talk between UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres and Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian on Sunday night, the two sides agreed on the need to extend the ceasefire in Yemen.

Yemen ceasefire extension demanded in Guterres-Abdollahian talks

During the phone talk, Amirabdollahian appreciated the UN secretary general for his contribution to establishing peace and stability in the region, emphasizing the great importance of ending the siege of the Yemeni war-stricken nation and the continuation of the ceasefire there.

On March 26, 2015, Saudi Arabia established a coalition of some Arab countries and gained the US green light and the Zionist regime's support for launching a massive invasion against the poorest Arab country, Yemen.

After seven years of aggressive war imposed against Yemen in which thousands of Yemeni civilians have got killed and almost all infrastructures of that country are destroyed. Still, they have not reached any of their objectives.

Instead, after the missile and drone attacks of the Yemeni armed forces against military targets in the depth of their soil, they have been urged to yield to a ceasefire.

The ceasefire has thus far lasted six months but has been broken thousands of times by those intruders, who have breached a number of its articles each time.

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