Iran Summons Swedish Charge D’Affaires over Embassy Attack

News code : ۱۲۸۱۲۳۵

The Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs summoned Sweden’s charge d’affaires over an attack on the embassy of the Islamic Republic in Stockholm on Friday.

The Swedish envoy was summoned in the absence of the country’s ambassador in Tehran by the Foreign Ministry’s chief of protocol.

During the meeting, the strong protest of the Islamic Republic of Iran was conveyed to the Swedish government over the violent attack and the failure of the Swedish police to take timely and adequate security measures in accordance with the Vienna Convention.

The Swedish charge d’affaires expressed regret over the incident and stated that he would convey the issue to the Stockholm government.

Also, following a similar attack against the Iranian embassy in Brussels by a number of hostile elements, the Foreign Ministry and the Iranian Embassy in Brussels lodged the Islamic Republic’s strong protest with the Belgian Foreign Ministry and reiterated the responsibility of the government of the European country to protect diplomatic venues in accordance with the Vienna Convention.