President Asks Iranians to Keep Observing COVID Protocols

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Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi called for uninterrupted compliance with the health protocols to tackle the coronavirus pandemic as the new school year and the Arbaeen pilgrimage season are looming.

Speaking at a Saturday session of the Coronavirus Fight National Headquarters, Raisi hailed the medical society’s success in overcoming several waves of the coronavirus pandemic in the country.

He also stressed that the health protocols must continue to be observed considering that the educational centers will reopen within the next few weeks and also a large number of Iranian travelers will go to Iraq for the Arbaeen pilgrimage.

The president also called on all Iranians to get the COVID booster shots in order to increase immunity to the infection.

It is also necessary to carry out tests and detect the carriers of the coronavirus at the border, he underlined.

Iranian pilgrims planning to visit Iraq to observe this year's Muharram mourning ceremonies can leave via land border crossings individually or in groups without any limitations, but will be required to carry coronavirus vaccination certificates.

More than 153 million doses of coronavirus vaccines have been administered in Iran, with over 30 million having gotten the third dose.