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An expert on international issues has said that Iran has submitted a conditional response to the final draft submitted by the EU.

Iran has reached a conditional conclusion on the final draft submitted by the EU, Korosh Ahmadi said in an exclusive interview with ILNA.

Underlining that it is still too early to reach a conclusion on Iran’s response, he added that I think Iran has reached a conclusion on the final draft submitted by the EU on the condition that certain concessions be extracted from the other side.

Commenting on the rumors that there is an agreement on the settlement of Iran's safeguards case and what is the importance of this issue for Iran, he said that the West’s insistence on reviving the JCPOA will help the Agency not to be too strict with the safeguards case, but there is no guarantee.

On Monday, Iran delivered its response to the latest draft of the potential deal in Vienna proposed by the European Union.

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