Gov’t Spox: Islamic resistance expanded beyond region

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Iranian Government spokesman emphasized that resistance has given a new identity to the Islamic world and the region, granting lots of victories to freedom seeking nations.

Ali Bahadori Jahromi wrote on his Instagram page on the occasion of August 14, the Islamic Resistance Day, that today is the day of the Islamic resistance. If many years ago the Lebanese Hezbollah managed to humiliate the Zionist regime in the 33-Day War, today the Gaza resistance led to a cease fire in only three days.

The Islamic resistance has expanded beyond the region, and this is not only not deniable any longer but is an ever greater power, he added.

The government spokesman said that the Islamic resistance is today seen in Yemen, Iraq,  Afghanistan, Syria, and even Africa and Latin America, expanding the borders of resistance, to such broad horizons that the global oppression cannot easily exert its hegemony or colonialist power at ease anywhere in the world.