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U.S. guarantees in Vienna talks are political: Expert

An expert on international issues has said that the guarantees currently discussed in Vienna talks over reviving the tattered 2015 Iran deal are merely political.

U.S. guarantees in Vienna talks are political: Expert

Given the Americans’ bad track record, the guarantees that have been presented by the Americans are a kind of political guarantees on the part of the current U.S. administration and basically no current U.S. president is able to restrict the authority of president, Sasan Karimi, an expert on international relations, said.

“Therefore, the guarantees in question have been presented to enhance Iran’s position and are nothing other than that,” he added.

Asked about his assessment on the latest round of nuclear talks, Karimi said in remarks to ILNA that the possibility of reaching a deal is high but (the talks) go very slowly.

Commenting on the differences between the current draft and the 2015 deal, he said that if it is to get back to the main deal, the JCPOA, through a short and minor agreement, then we should completely benefit from its advantages.

The expert referred to Russia’s role in the Vienna talks and said that Iran’s entering the official markets and normal situation is not in favor of Russia.