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Iran slams sacrilege of Quran, Islamic sanctities in Hamburg

Iran strongly censured the provocative act of desecrating the holy Quran and insulting Islamic sanctities in front of the Islamic Centre of Hamburg, Germany, on Sunday.

Iran slams sacrilege of Quran, Islamic sanctities in Hamburg

Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman Nasser Kanaani said on Monday that the insulting move is a blatant example of seditious acts and spreading hatred, which is categorically condemned by all Muslims, monotheists, purified consciousness and believers in coexistence and dialogue among religions.

Warning about risky repercussions of such immoral acts, the spokesman noted that this kind of sacrilege against the Islamic sanctities is another aspect of extremism and violence based on Takfiri and Daesh ways of thinking.

Preventive and strong measures are among responsibilities of governments who claim they are defending human rights, freedom and democracy, he added.

The Iranian diplomat held the German government accountable in dealing with such regretful event, underlining that the Islamic Republic of Iran is waiting for instant, harsh and clear reaction by Germany in encountering elements who committed such desecrating acts and Iranians want to see immediate judicial proceeding in order to avoid repetition of such moves.

The seditious acts, which are aided and abetted by the global arrogance and Zionism, show that Muslims and Islamic states should enhance unity in the face of enemies’ plots.

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