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A professor said that if Iran-U.S. tensions continue to simmer in the future, a kind of hostility will emerge in the relations between Tehran and Riyadh.

Underlining that the foundations of the Biden administration are becoming weaker by the day, Nader Entesar said in remarks to ILNA that Biden isn’t in a position to sign an agreement with Iran.

"Congress and other opponents would politically use it to put more pressure on him," he said.

 Therefore, Biden will try to continue the talks as long as he can without signing a pact with Iran, he added.

Commenting on the latest developments in Saudi Arabia-Iran relations, he noted that Saudi Arabia hopes that Trump or someone e like him will enter the White House in the next two years' elections.

He added, “But until that time, Riyadh will take some steps to improve its relations with Iran to keep its interests in this unknown period.”

The professor said that if tensions continue between Iran and Saudi Arabia, a kind of hostility will also take shape between Iran and Saudi Arabia. So the complete failure of the Vienna negotiations can have negative effects on the talks between the two countries, he asserted.

Future Hopes Improve Next Pressure
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