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An expert on international relations has said that Russia is in no position and has no power to block the agreement between Iran and the U.S.

Hassan Beheshti Poor said in remarks to ILNA that so far Iran hasn’t announced whether it has accepted the “the middle solution” by Josep Borrell or not.

According to Beheshti Poor, now the conditions are clear, the EU has brought a scenario over the IRGC to Iran to withdraw it from the black list but sanctions will remain.

If Iran and the United States resolve their differences, Russia is in no position and has no power to block the agreement.

As regards the recent report by Bloomberg over the record-breaking International Atomic Energy Agency inspection of Iran's nuclear facilities, he said that Agency's inspections are in progress according to the JCPOA and NPT.

Some inspections that stopped because of Iran’s parliament resolutions have been reformed by Iran’s Supreme National Security Council so these inspections aren’t special and unprecedented.

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