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Iran calls for US congress’ political statement on commitment to nuclear deal

Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian in an interview with a foreign media has said that Tehran does not accept an oral guarantee from the United States for not leaving the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) again.

Iran calls for US congress’ political statement on commitment to nuclear deal

Amirabdollahian made the remarks through an exclusive interview, which was released on Wednesday, with the London-based daily newspaper of Financial Times.

"The US had failed to address Iran’s demand for guarantees that no party is able to abandon the deal,” the Financial Times quoted Amirabdollahian as saying.

US, under the former president Donald Trump, withdrew from the July 2015 nuclear deal, aka JCPOA, in May 2018 and imposed as it claimed the highest level of sanctions against Iran.

The international deal was signed between Iran and six world powers – US, UK, France, Russia and China plus Germany – but Washington exited from it unilaterally in 2018.

Meanwhile, Iran and 4+1 started talks in Vienna on November 29, 2021, to work on a text and make effort to settle disagreements.

The Vienna Talks resumed work on February 8, 2022, after a short pause for consultation.

As the Iranian foreign minister proposed, the US Congress should make a “political statement” of its commitment to the nuclear agreement.

"Iran’s commitments are as clear as a mathematical formula. It is absolutely clear what we are supposed to do and how these measures will be verified through the IAEA [the UN nuclear watchdog]. Therefore the other side can have no concern; But we remain concerned primarily about the guarantees [that the US would not withdraw]."

As the Iranian foreign minister has stressed, Tehran is after removal of all sanctions and the challenge of administration of the US President Joe Biden is that it is willing to lift just economic sanctions imposed by the former US president.


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