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Austria hails JCPOA talks resumption in Vienna

Austrian Foreign Minister Michael Linhart has expressed his happiness over resumption of Iran nuclear talks which is slated to be held on November 29 in Vienna.

Austria hails JCPOA talks resumption in Vienna

"Austria highly welcomes that JCPOA talks will resume on 29 November in Vienna," Linhart told.

"I am very happy that Austria will continue to host the talks and that Vienna will once again serve as a dialogue hub on this very important issue," he added.

"As an active host, we will continue to do our utmost to support a successful outcome of the talks," he noted.

"We strongly hope for a return to the full and effective implementation of the agreement by all sides," Linhart reiterated.

Earlier, Deputy Foreign Minister for Political Affairs Ali Baqeri Kani said that Iran’s nuclear negotiations with four world powers to end sanctions will begin on November 29.

He added that the Vienna talks, with the aim of removal of the US sanctions, will start at the end of November.

Earlier, asked about resumption of nuclear talks in November, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki replied that the P4+1 negotiation teams would make decision on the next round of talks, underlining that commitment versus commitment is in line with the United States’ policy.

Meanwhile, Ned Price, the spokesperson for the United States Department of State, expressed hope that Tehran would return to the negotiations immediately to show good faith.


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