Iran rejects JCPOA-plus offer

News code : ۱۰۶۶۴۸۹

Iranian president asked for compliance with “exact text” of nuclear deal, rejecting any negotiations on the "JCPOA Plus".

During today's cabinet meeting, Hassan Rouhani stated that Iran must return to an acceptable economy.

He said Iran wanted the exact implementation of the JCPOA, adding, "We are not looking for a new deal so-called 'JCPOA-plus', but the first step is to lift all sanctions."

He noted the Americans had said they would lift the sanctions; in some points, they seemed serious, but in some points, they spoke ambiguously.

He pointed out that after lifting sanctions, Iran would verify; verification would not be complicated and could be done quickly.

"The Leader of the Islamic Revolution has set a path, and we are moving forward according to the will of the nation within the orders of the leadership," Rouhani said.

In another part of his speech, referring to the COVID situation in the country and emphasising that people's health is of great importance, Rouhani added, "From today, we must see the post-COVID situation and prepare and strengthen ourselves for those conditions.”