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During the first four months of the current fiscal year (March 20-July 21) the United Kingdom’s exports to Iran had registered a big rise by 200 percent and stood at $432 million.

The UK was the ninth top goods exporter to Iran during the period, with 2.7 percent share of Iran’s overall imports, which amounted to $15.813 billion‎, according to the latest statistics released by the Trade Promotion Organization of Iran.

Besides UK, Germany ($864 million, 29 percent increase y/y), Switzerland ($663 million, 81 percent increase), France ($456 million, 51 percent increase) and Italy ($420 million, 26 percent increase) were the European countries that took place among the top exporters of goods to Iran, in ‎the period.‎

Iran had purchased 59.5 percent of its imported goods during the 4-month period from five countries – China, the United Arab Emirates, South Korea, Turkey and India.

China was the main exporter of goods to Iran in the mentioned period. China’s exports accounted for 22.1 percent of Iran's total imports in terms of value.

During the 4-month period, Iran had imported $3.495 billion worth of goods from China, indicating a 19 percent increase, year-on-year.

Iran had also imported $2.992 billion worth of goods from the UAE (a 42 percent increase), which makes 18.9 percent of Iran’s total imports’ value.

South Korea and Turkey exported $1.074 billion and $958 million worth of goods to Tehran, respectively.

South Korean exports to Iran indicated a rise of 15 percent, while imports from Turkey registered an increase of 11 percent.

Iran’s trade balance witnessed a fall by 211 percent and became negative (-$2.354 million), after experiencing a positive balance previous year.


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