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10 New Foreign Investors in Iran Securities Market

The Central Securities Depository of Iran issued 10 new trading codes for foreign investors during the third month of the current Iranian year (ending July 21) to trade in Iran’s securities market.

10 New Foreign Investors in Iran Securities Market

 The newcomers included institutional and non-institutional investors from the UAE, Afghanistan, Georgia, Turkey and Armenia, SENA quoted Mohammad Reza Mohseni, the chief executive of Central Securities Depository of Iran, as saying.

According to the official, a total of 209 foreign institutional investors are trading Iranian securities. He made no comment on the number of individual foreign investors.

 These foreign investors hail from the United Kingdom, Estonia, Norway, Kuwait, Iraq, Bangladesh, the United States, Spain, Russia, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Poland, Syria, Greece, Maldives, Cyprus, Canada, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, China, the Netherlands, India, Lebanon, South Africa, Japan, Italy, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Malaysia, South Korea, Virgin Islands and Nigeria.


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