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The approval by the US government granting licenses to Airbus and Boeing companies to sell aircraft to Iran has cleared the way for the two aviation giants to enter deal with the Islamic Republic, says the head of Iran's Civil Aviation Organization.

'As predicted earlier, following the implementation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan Of Action, the way is being gradually cleared for foreign aviation companies to engage with Iran,' Ali Abedzadeh said on Friday.

'Now, in addition to the public sector, the private companies can directly enter deal with foreign aviation companies to buy aircrafts,' Abedzadeh said.

The head of Iran's Civil Aviation Organization also said that, while refurbishing its present fleet of civilian aircrafts, the organization is constructing the infrastructure for operating the new planes it is due to receive.

We are also preparing the ground for both the public and private aviation companies to have the opportunity to increase their fleets in a competitive environment, Abedzadeh said.


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