Washington seeking not to cross Beijing’s redlines: expert

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Seyed Jalal Sadatian, the former head of the East Asia Bureau at the Iranian foreign ministry, said that the United States is keen not to cross China’s redlines.

He noted that East Asia will be a hive of economic activity. “In the [Iranian] new year, East Asia will be the center of economic and technological growth and vibrancy, because this region should be considered a growing economic colony, and America and China are considered essential components,” Sadatian said in an exclusive interview with ILNA. 

He stated, “It should be noted that the US is directly involved in cases such as Ukraine and Gaza, and it can be said that Washington has sought to control the situation to a large extent and does not want to cross the red line in such a way that China and Russia are looking for an opportunity to challenge Washington in the eastern orbit.”

He added, “When the United States became confident that China was not seeking a military confrontation with Washington, they at times eased the tension and somehow tried to calm the situation. Because even the United States had gone to send a nuclear submarine and tried to manage the situation in a different way in order to redefine its situation in the Middle East and reduce the tension with China.