Jordanians rally in support of Palestinians

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Thousands of people in Jordan have once again attended a massive rally and gathered in front of the US Embassy in Amman to express solidarity with the Palestinians and condemn the US-backed Israeli genocide in the Gaza Strip.

The protesters marched from Ebadorrahman Mosque to the American Embassy building, Quds Press reported.

The protest was called by an association called "Support for Resistance and Defense of Jordan" with the slogan “condemning aggression against Jordan, the US crimes against some Arab countries, and the flow of goods to the Zionist regime.

Holding Palestinian flags and banners, the protesters chanted anti-Israel and anti-US slogans and demanded the end of the genocide of Palestinians in Gaza, which they said is ongoing with the support of Washington.

They also urged the Jordanian government to take more measures to support the stability of the Palestinian nation.

Demonstrators also called on the authorities in Jordan to sever ties with the Zionist regime, and terminate all agreements with it.

They also chanted slogans in support of the resistance fighters battling with invading Israeli forces in the Gaza Strip.