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Israelis and United states are reluctant to reduce tensions; Ex-diplomat

Former Iranian Ambassador to Kuwait Reza Mirabian said it seems that Israelis and United States are reluctant to reduce tensions in Middle East.

Israelis and United states are reluctant to reduce tensions; Ex-diplomat

He said to ILNA news agency correspondent that Saudi Arabia cannot easily normalize its relations with Iran, if the US is not satisfied, it will prevent that.

He referred to Imran Khan's visit to Tehran and said “At a United Nations General Assembly meeting, the Saudi crown urged Khan to travel to ease tensions with Tehran.” Adding that Imran Khan also conveyed this message to our President and this trip was in line with Riyadh's request to the Pakistani Prime Minister.

Asked why Saudi Arabia has approved the deployment of additional US troops, he said that Riyadh wants to send this signal to Tehran that it is not in a position of weakness.

Former Iranian Ambassador pointed to the Iranian oil tanker has been attacked in the Red Sea, and added “There are groups in the region and outside the region that do not want to restore relations.”

“It seems that Israelis and Unites states are reluctant to reduce tensions in Persian Gulf.”

Pakistan is conducting shuttle diplomacy to promote talks between Iran and Saudi Arabia to end a tense standoff that has roiled energy markets and pushed the rival Persian Gulf powers to the brink of war.

Khan, Pakistan’s prime minister, arrived in Tehran on Sunday – the first leg of a tour that also includes a stop in Saudi Arabia. After his return from Iran, Imran Khan is scheduled to visit Saudi Arabia on Tuesday.

“The reason for this trip is that we do not want a conflict between Saudi Arabia and Iran,” Khan told reporters as he stood alongside the Iranian president.


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