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Iran Mercantile Exchange (IME) experienced growth of 44 percent in the value of trades over the last calendar year which ended on March 20.

Traders at the IME saw trading worth of 1.17 quadrillion rials (about $26.5 billion) of commodities and shares over the last year.

In the meantime, about 26.6 billion tons of commodities valued at 498 trillion rials ($11.3 million) were traded at the spot market of the IME, indicating a surge of five percent in volume terms and 34 percent in value terms.

The agriculture commodity trading floor of IME witnessed trading 2.9 million tons of commodities worth of 33 trillion rials ($752 million).

The oil and petrochemical trading floor also saw trading 10.8 billion tons of commodities worth of 104 trillion rials ($2.3 billion) in the mentioned period.

Meanwhile, 8.7 billion tons of products worth of 204 trillion rials ($4.6 billion) were traded at the mineral and industrial trading floor.

The side market hosted trading over 8.7 billion tons of commodities worth of 4.3 trillion rials ($99.4 million).


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