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Boeing Co (BA.N) defended dealings with Iran as further details emerged of a draft deal to sell or lease 109 aircraft to the country's main carrier.

A "memorandum of agreement" (MOA) calls for IranAir to buy a total of 80 aircraft from Boeing and lease a further 29 with Boeing's support, according to the letter, seen by Reuters.

Deliveries of the purchased jets are scheduled to start in 2017 and run through 2025.

"Boeing negotiated the MOA under the authority of the U.S. government following its determination that Iran had met its obligations under the (nuclear agreement)," wrote Tim Keating, Boeing's senior vice president of government operations.

The aircraft to be sold directly include 34 wide-body jets: 15 each of the 777-300ER and 777-9 and four of the 747-8 models, one person familiar with the deal said.

The proposed sale also includes 46 narrow-body jets: 40 of the upcoming 737 MAX model and six of the current 737NG.

Under the same provisional deal, Boeing will arrange for IranAir to acquire a further 29 737NG aircraft through leases.

The breakdown offers a boost to two current models that have seen declines in production lately: the twin-engined 777-300ER and four-engined 747-8, the latest version of Boeing's jumbo.


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