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Export of goods from Iran's Semnan province up by 23%

The amount of exports from Iran's Semnan province has witnessed a 23 percent hike in the first eight months of the Iranian calendar year (March 21, 2022, to November 21, 2022), a provincial official declared.

Export of goods from Iran's Semnan province up by 23%

Director General of Semnan Customs Administration Ali Sa'doddin said on Monday that the export of products made by factories in the province surpassed 74.5 million dollars in the first eight months.

He also said that some 192,138 tons of commodities worth 74.59 million dollars were exported in the period to 32 states around the world.

Sa'doddin noted that the export items comprise of sodium hydroxide, wire, light hydrocarbons, unrefined lead, refined oil, water air conditioner, plastic containers, detergents, washing machine, hydrochloric acid, salt, calcium chloride, tile and ceramic and Liquid paraffin.

The commodities were exported to countries including Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkey, Russia, Pakistan, Turkmenistan, the United Arab Emirates, Azerbaijan Republic, Kuwait, India, Uzbekistan, Armenia and Japan, the official said.

According to the director general, the export volume from Semnan province decreased three percent in terms of weight, but it increased 23 percent in terms of value.

The volume of goods imported to Semnan via the customs administration in the same period was estimated at 13,333 tons worth 22.151 million dollars, he said, adding that the commodities have been imported from 22 countries such as Turkey, China, Germany, Czech Republic, the UAE and Japan.

The income of the Semnan Customs Administration increased 331 percent in the first eight months, Sa'doddin mentioned.

There are 1,900 industrial units in Semnan province, which have provided 56k people with job opportunities.

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