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We are close to the end of 2020, the year of coronavirus and a lot of changes in businesses and lifestyles. During this pandemic, all company owners were thinking about a different future of their business.

Mostly, the businesses were focused on their online part of their marketing and sales. So, Statistics shows many companies that never ever have given importance to their website previously, in 2020 they were trying to improve their website’s ranking.

Specially, many businesses tried to make online sales and create their own online store. According to Google search result statistics on Google trends, the search amount related to the keyword “online shop”, increased about 2 times, only from 8th March 2020 to 29th March 2020.



What is website analysis service?

The companies are now used to do their own SEO improvement. Some of them are still do not trust the search engine optimization companies. So, the main thing which they need is an analysis report of the website’s optimization issues.

Let us imagine you have a full report about your website code standards, about its loading speed issues, its capabilities, mobile-friendliness, keywords, and many more. Then you can improve the issues easier.

So, a good report can really help you for a successful growth.

What is On-Page and Off-Page search engine optimization?

On-Page optimization stands for every improvement on the website itself which can effect on website’s ranking. As an example of On-Page optimization, we can mention Title, Meta tags, keywords and contents, images, and their alternative description, heading of paragraphs.

But the Off-Page optimization stands for every improvement happens out of the website (but related to website). The main structure of Off-Page SEO is based on social media and external backlinks (the websites that linked to a specific website).

One of most important reports that every company needs as a website analysis report, is the backlinks report to understand which websites linked to their website.

Leading companies for these type of services

DotNek™ is an international software trademark, that is mainly active in European union. DotNek company is experienced iOS and Android app development team with 20 years of development experience in custom software, mobile apps, and mobile games and web standard analysis. DotNek is also capable of developing custom software in almost every programming language and for every platform, using any type of technology, and for all kinds of business categories. It means world class developers for world class business applications.




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