39 Palestinian prisoners released in 2nd prisoner swap

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The prison service of the Zionist regime announced early Sunday that 39 Palestinian prisoners have been released based on the terms of the second stage of the prisoner swap agreement with the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas.

According to samanews.ps, as a result of the liberation of the 39 Palestinian prisoners from an Israeli regime's jail, the second phase of the prisoner swap has been done.

Palestinian media outlets reported that the freed Palestinian inmates were transferred from Ofer Prison to the Beituniya Camp in the occupied West Bank.

Israeli troops earlier fired tear gas and live bullets in a bid to disperse Palestinian people who had gathered near Ofer Prison to embrace the released prisoners.

The Zionist regime’s army declared a few hours ago that members of the International Committee of the Red Cross transferred 17 newly released Hamas prisoners to Egypt.

Previously, Qatar's Ministry of Foreign Affairs declared that the second stage of the prisoner swap between the Israeli regime and the Hamas movement is expected to take place Saturday night.

The Palestinian resistance movement Hamas announced on Saturday evening that as a result of the violation of the terms of the temporary ceasefire deal by the Israeli regime, the second phase of the prisoner swap has been suspended.