Trip to Iran changed my definition of hospitality

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Iran is home to the most hospitable and warm-hearted people in the world, as anyone who has been there once will confirm.

Iran is home to the most hospitable and warm-hearted people in the world, as anyone who has been there once will confirm. Iran does not consider you a tourist, but rather a guest. From the very beginning, you will understand as Iranians prepare special rituals for their guests. During an Iran tour, you gain experiences that will give you an insight into the customs, food, and culture of different cities in Iran.

Iranians are known for their manner, which is evident in their daily lives in every aspect of their behavior, so your trip to Iran will be the most memorable since you'll never forget how the people made you feel during your stay. Embrace the essence of Iranian hospitality and discover the true Iranian culture because you're invited to an Iranian-sized party!

They are extremely friendly 

After the first few days of your trip to Iran, you realize that everyone you meet wants to help you in some way. Even if all they can offer is a glass of water to quench your thirst, Iranians know it is their duty to help you. As a result, they may nudge you for a better rate in local taxis or shops, or enjoy an afternoon chat with you over tea. This is what they do for you. Iranians place guests' comfort before their own. According to them, their guests are the beloved of God and they should be treated as such. So if you are planning to travel to Iran, consider yourself lucky!

Trip to Iran changed my definition of hospitalityTrip to Iran changed my definition of hospitality

“Taarof” will be plentiful

Ta'arof is an Iranian ritual. This means that, if you are with them, they will make you their priority at all times. In this case, if you wish to enter through a door, they will stand a little further back and guide you in with their hands and say, "Befarmaeed'', which means you go first. When you want to eat with them, they wait until you say that magical word again before you ask them to start! It's "Befarmaeed ''. This is also what they say while counting food in restaurants. A common saying among Iranian cashiers and salesmen is: "It's not worth that much." This means that you are worth much more and can afford not to pay! Iranians understand that payments will be made in the end, but the importance of continuing these relations, even verbally, is equally important. This is why you'll probably hear lots of Ta'arof on your trip to Iran. Prepare yourself now for the moral marathon with the Iranians.

Trip to Iran changed my definition of hospitalityTrip to Iran changed my definition of hospitality

Hospitality in the Iranian style

It is not unusual for them to offer to take you to their home. The Iranians do not consider even the best hotels to be suitable for their guests since they believe guests ought to be served and they cannot serve them with the same respect they treat their guests with.

Almost all Iranian houses have extra traditional mattresses for guests to sleep on. When a guest is in their place, they believe that the guest is the owner of the entire house. You may wish to ask guests who have been treated well in Persian homes during their travel to Iran.

You may meet Iranians on the street or in a café, it does not matter to them; the tourist is not merely a visitor. If you want to be a guest of a Persian house for one night, we suggest you travel with an Iranian companion for more security and safety. Tap Persia is an Iranian tour operator where you can use their Iran tour packages and travel to Iran like a local and discover the spirit of the country.

Their hospitality will delight your taste buds

No one can deny that Iranian food and desserts are delicious and varied. Every traveler who has been to Iran remembers it as a food-filled experience. There is strange hospitality among Iranians when it comes to food and snacks. You will be served the most delicious food if you are their guest, no matter how expensive or time-consuming it is. Hospitality in Iran is not a matter of desire, but of principle. Therefore, if you are invited to stay with them, you should count yourself lucky.

They will offer you a meal no matter who you are, even if you are not their guest. By talking to them, you will be more likely to discuss your plans and be invited to have coffee with them. If a coffee shop or restaurant knows that the guest is a tourist, they will often include a complimentary traditional food gift with the order. Is there anything more memorable than a surprise food gift? That is where Iranians shine. The food vendor is the ultimate manifestation of this ethic. There is nothing like street food vendors when it comes to Ta’arof and hospitality. The street food in Iran makes you want to go back again and again, especially if you do it on an Iran tour with a qualified guide such as one from a reputable travel agency. For food lovers, Iranian hospitality is a blessing from the gods.

Serving others is an act of hospitality

Helping you is part of their moral duty. You can ask them for addresses and they will most likely accompany you to your destination so that you do not get lost. Be sure to ask them about prices so you know where to find souvenirs at a reasonable price on your trip to Iran. Don't hesitate to ask for help. Iran's people are famous for their noble character, which is instilled in them since childhood. It is hard for any Iranian to turn away someone who is in need.

The power of small talk

The media has misled you about Iranians with a few words, but this short conversation reveals how much misinformation some tourists have about their trip to Iran. Iranians typically welcome tourists with open arms. Small talk gives hints about how welcoming Iranians are. They are willing to talk to you so that you won't feel strange. Among Iranians, small talks are seen as a form of hospitality. Almost all visitors say they have made many friends in Iran during their trip. Iranians also quickly establish good relations with tourists.

To ensure you have an excellent trip to Iran, they want to make sure you do not face any problems there, and that you are comfortable while in Iran. Traveling with a reputable Iranian travel agency like TAP Persia will give you a great deal of opportunity to see and experience Iranian culture during your trip to Iran.