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Iran trekking tours widen your perspective.

Iran trekking tours widen your perspective. They break the narratives portrayed in the media from Iran as a country of deserts. We do have two vast deserts called the Dasht-e Kavir and the Dasht-e Lut. They are amongst the world’s largest deserts and UNESCO world heritage sites. But also there are these two mountain ranges, Alborz and Zagros that can offer any tourist fascinating adventurous moments. Iran tour operators provide visitors with a variety of sceneries in different Iran tour packages. In these trekking tours, you encounter Iran's local life and an Iranian genius for living in the deserts or mountains. Therefore, you get familiar with many interesting ways that local people used to overcome their harsh vicinity. Also, you meet the nomads that travel by season. They will show the excitement of being lifetime mountaineers so in tune with nature all the time.



When is the best time to Trek Iran?

It is always the best time to visit Iran. This rule applies to Iran trekking tours as well. The varied climate and the concurrent of the four seasons in Iran have created an exceptional opportunity for travelers to visit the country anytime. Either you travel to Iran in summer or winter, you can enjoy hiking and trekking in different regions. The highest peak in Iran and the Middle East, Mount Damavand, for example, is possible to conquer in all seasons. Generally, spring is the season that the weather is moderately mild all over Iran. It is not severe cold or hot, rather pleasant and aromatic. The second desirable season is fall. Its colorful scenes and cool weather make it easy to head for any destination and activity. For summer and winter, the trekking tours depend on the region. For instance, during the cold winter, southern mountains are good choices. On the other hand, the high and famous peaks of the west north of Iran are cool options for hot days of summer.

The Best Season for Damavand Trekking Tour and Weather Conditions 1-Summer  2-Fall 3- Winter 4- Spring > read full version in our damavand tour site to know wich is the best for you

Top Five Iran Trekking Tours

Iran trekking destinations are diverse. Some tour operators hold all types of Iran tours, and some offer exclusive ones like hiking tours or desert tours. Let’s review some of them:

The IranAmaze members started their adventure as Iran explorers. Therefore, they know many details of traveling around Iran. This knowledge made them qualified fluent guides who know how important is the guide’s role in different Iran tour packages including Iran trekking tours. They accompany you through the mountains, deserts, and plains of Iran at any pace or level you desire. The specially designed tours, small group tours, private tours are some options they have arranged for tourists with different tastes. They hold cultural tours for visiting Iran's main destinations. Also, they have exclusive hiking tours as well as specific desert tours for those who are just interested in adventurous trips.




Adventure Iran is one of the first tour operators in the country that focused on a variety of trekking trips of varying lengths and difficulties. It offers a large number of different customized trekking trips for small groups, from day trips to 10-day expeditions. Also, there is a wide range of treks with various levels of difficulty. Adventure Iran takes travelers through remote villages so that they can interact with locals. The treks include deserts, mountains, and national parks.




From climbing the highest volcanic peak in Iran to a one-day walking day in the historical Shiraz, this tour operator offers diverse and different ways of trekking. Biking the deserts, exploring the virgin and mesmerizing canyons, walking tours, biking in the southern islands are some examples of their plans.

Far-far away, behind the great mountain ranges of Iran, there are people with a unique lifestyle. This Iran tour operator will get you there to spend days and nights with nomads and experience their authentic life. This specific Iran hiking tour takes you to the heart of the untouched nature of Iran mountains where you can experience transhumance (Kooch) odyssey, live like a nomad, and do the ancient migration with the authentic Iranian nomads.

As the name sounds, it offers adventure tours in several fields such as mountaineering, trekking, hiking, biking, alpine ski, and desert safari. It also contains historical highlights in Iran through its tours. But its main focus is on mountaineering and desert activity tours.


Reporter: Ali Zadmehr

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