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Damavand trekking tour is one of the most popular holidays a visitor to Iran can experience. Every year, thousands of tourists from all over the world travel to Iran (mainly with top Iran tours) but not all of them visit Damavand mountain, as the highest point in Iran (even some Iranians haven't visited it yet!).

Damavand trekking tour is one of the most popular holidays a visitor to Iran can experience. Every year, thousands of tourists from all over the world travel to Iran (mainly with top Iran tours) but not all of them visit Damavand mountain, as the highest point in Iran (even some Iranians haven't visited it yet!). Don't be the one who misses this fantastic adventure by having a Damavand trekking tour package.

Mount Damavand is a potentially active volcano in the middle east that represents different symbols, including national resistance due to ancient stories and mythologies. But this is not the only reason tourists love to (or maybe have to!) visit Damavand mountain in a quality Damavand trekking tour package.

If you are also curious to learn more about reasons to have a Damavand trekking tour package as an Iran exploration holiday, which is one of the most popular Iran tour items as well, features of a quality Damavand tour, don't miss reading this article to the end.

Four Amazing Facts about Damavand Trekking Tours

  1. Highest Middle East Summit
  2. Challenging but Doable
  3. Extraordinary Views
  4. .Dive Deep into Persian Culture

What are the features of Damavand trekking tour packages?

You need to know essential general information about the Damavand trekking tour package before choosing any of the packages. First of all, know that Damavand tour packages normally take between 3 to 5 days (sometimes six days) based on the route, the package features, etc. More than six days will make you tired, and less than three days will lead you to miss the whole adventure.

Next, it is necessary to note that a moderate fitness level is required to have a great experience. As the tour's name represents, it is a trekking tour, and you will have to walk a lot! So, if you think you can't manage it, choose a lighter tour or ask the tour provider for specific features.

Last but not least is that some of the Damavand trekking tour operators have particular policies that set an age limit for travelers. Make sure if you are under 18 or above 60, the tour operators offer you the right choices if there is any policy about this issue by the agency. (it is recommended to read the operators' policies before submitting a tour).


Generally, there are different packages offered by tour operator agencies. Here are eight different Damavand tour packages you can choose among:

1.     The real adventure to Damavand, 4-day trip, Northeast route tour

The northern east route is considered the longest way to Damavand summit. Normally people between 15 to 70 can apply for this tour package. You will be accommodated for one night at the guest house and two nights camping during this holiday.

2.     The optimal choice of Damavand, 4-day trip, south route tour

The fastest and safest route to Damavand summit is the south route. That's why this trekking tour package is considered for every physical capability for 15 to 70-year-old individuals. Through this package, you will be accommodated for one night at the hostel and two nights camping.

3.     Quick conquer of Damavand, 3-day trip, south route tour

Again the south route is picked for this package as it will be the shortest tour duration. Same as the previous Damavand trekking tour package, you can participate in this plan if you are between 15 to 70 years old. You will be accommodated for two nights camping.

4.     Tochal acclimatization and Damavand triumph, 6-day trip, south route plus Tochal tour

As the longest trekking tour to Damavand, this package is designed to be the most challenging one. You will also be able to descend from the summit through Tochal's Telecabin. It is again an appropriate package for ages 15 to 70, and you will be accommodated one night at a 4-star hotel, one night at the hostel, and three nights camping.

There are also other Damavand trekking tour packages that you can pick, including the items below:

  1. Damavand nature and Tehran Life tour, 5-day trip, south route plusTehran tour
  2. Relax Ascent to Damavand, 5-day trip, south route tour
  3. The ultimate challenge of Damavand, 5-day trip, north route tour
  4. Following the sun to Damavand summit, 4-day trip, west route tour

If you are looking for a short holiday to Damavand, pick the third option, and if you choose to have a more extended holiday, don't miss the last one. It is worth mentioning that each Damavand tour package mentioned above has specific adventures. That's totally your choice to pick your favorite one!

Why will Damavand trekking tour be a memorable holiday for you?

Traveling to Iran can bring a totally different feeling to you while visiting Damavand can make your trip even more memorable. Apart from taking perfect photos of the highest summit in the whole middle east area, the highest potentially active volcano in Asia, and the 12th highest mountain in the world, there are three other main reasons to have a Damavand climbing tour package in your holiday checklist.

However, even if you didn’t find climbing mount Damavand a good holiday match for you, there are multiple other Iran tour packages to choose!

Don't miss spectacular views!

Tell me, isn't it just so interesting to walk at the tip of a country or literally feeling clouds in your face? What about seeing scarce animals that You can hardly even see a picture of them? Believe me, you will love the mesmerizing nature and dazzling rare animals.

Meet and feel Persian culture

Iran is a rich country in historical stories which turn different items of this country into valuable symbols. One of them is mount Damavand, a symbol of strength and resistance based on folk stories. Therefore, the Damavand trekking tour can be considered as a culture adventuring tour either.

Make your trip more challenging

You don't need to be trained to visit mount Damavand through a trekking tour since the tours are suitable for every average person. However, there is the challenge of being physically prepared to have a sweet trekking experience. Have a doable challenge in your traveling to Iran.


Damavand trekking tour frequently asked questions

Now learn more about this excellent holiday option by reading the most frequently asked questions most tourists face!

How much is the Damavand trekking tour package?

Based on the package and the agency you choose; the pricing of Damavand trekking tour packages can be different. Typically, the packages start from 110€ per day and can go higher if you ask for more special features on tour.

When is the best time to visit mount Damavand?

Although the best time to visit mount Damavand is during the Summer, the beginning of the fall is also suitable. However, some people prefer to visit Damavand during the winter and spring, when more snow is visible. Just make sure the winter Damavand tour can be unbearably cold! (to -70®)

Is the Damavand trekking tour safe?

As long as you choose a credible tour provider agency, visiting Damavand through a Damavand trekking tour package is completely safe. Then don't worry and mark up the notes by the tour leaders.

The Best Season for Damavand Trekking Tour and Weather Conditions?

read full content in our damavadn tour landing page

Where to find a quality Damavand trekking tour package?

One of Iran's trusted traveling and tour operators is our tour agency, offering amazing (as the name says) Iran adventure tours and trips with a background of over 16 years of success in tourism. You can find the perfect Damavand trekking tour through this agency and make the best of visiting Iran!


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