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Kerman (IP) - Onions produced from the lands of the south of Kerman province, southeast of Iran, in addition to meeting an important part of domestic needs, are also exported to other countries.

Iran PressIran news:  This year, more than 14,500 hectares of land in the south of Kerman province have been planted with onions, and in the first quarter to the end of February, about 390,000 tons of high-quality onions will be harvested from 8,000 hectares of onions.

Onion harvest in the second season in the southern lands of Kerman province will begin in April when about 360 thousand tons of high-quality white onions will be harvested from 6,500 hectares of grounds.


The monthly consumption of onions in Iran is about 160,000 tons, and the lands in the south of Kerman province have an essential role in producing onion.

In addition to meeting Iran's needs for onions, high-quality Iranian white onions are exported to the countries bordering the Persian Gulf, Iraq, and the Kurdistan Region. Up to 450,000 tons of onions are exported annually to various countries.


The main export of Iranian onions in winter is to the south of Kerman province. The four seasons of Iran's climate, especially the harvest of agricultural products in winter, have doubled the beauties of Iran.

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