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Iran is one of the hubs of medical tourism in the world, offers many medical and cosmetic treatments and services to patients from around the world that are looking for these services at a reasonable price.

 Medical services in Iran like rhinoplasty, weight loss surgery in Iran, dentistry services, etc. are so famous among the medical tourist. But what are the main medical services that you can find in Iran? IranMedopia as one of the providers of Iran medical tours is going to introduce you top medical and cosmetic services that they provide for tourists.

IranMedopia is one of the pioneers of medical tours in Iran. this company provides all medical and cosmetic services in Iran at the best price with all the facilities you may need during your travel in Iran. so you can travel to Iran easily for your requested services and also enjoy your stay here.

What are the most requested medical services in Iran?

Iran hosts all the patients and medical tourists from around the world that want to travel to Iran for their medical services like a nose job, slimming surgeries, dental implant in Iran, etc. You may ask why they choose Iran as their destination. The difference between Iranian currency and other currencies like USD and EURO makes Iran a cheap destination for medical patients. You can travel to Iran and serve with the best medical services at an unbeatable price. Well, this is not the only reason. there are many reasons but here are the main ones:

  • Cheap medical and cosmetic costs and high-quality services
  • Skilled and experienced doctors and surgeons in the different cities of Iran
  • Best clinics and hospitals with the best facilities
  • No waiting list and easy process

These are the main reasons that you can consider when you are searching for a destination for medical and cosmetic services. But what are the most popular medical tours that are held in Iran for foreign patients?

Plastic surgery in Iran

Plastic surgeries are the most famous and most requested services that different companies like IranMedopia provide for you. Between all the plastic surgeries and cosmetic surgeries that are performed in Iran, these are the most popular ones not only between the Iranians also between the foreign patients.

  • Rhinoplasty
  • Facelift (rhytidectomy)
  • Abdominoplasty
  • Brazilian butt lift surgery

Weight loss surgery in Iran

Iran is one of the main destinations for weight-loss surgeries. Iranian surgeons perform the newest methods of slimming surgeries for their patients to reach their dream bodies. You can travel to Iran for the safes and newest methods of weight loss surgery in Iran. the main methods that people willing to do in Iran are:

  • Gastric sleeve
  • Gastric bypass

Cosmetic dentistry in Iran

Cosmetic dentistry services in Iran are cheaper than in most countries around the world. Skilled Iranian dentist makes here a lovely destination for everyone who wants to do these cosmetic services. The dental implant, composite, Hollywood smile design, etc. are the most requested services that foreign customers request from Iranian dentists.















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