Masoud Ghadirian, Champion of 2022 Iranian National Competitions

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Masoud Ghadirian (+220 lbs.) finished in second place at the First Iranian National Bodybuilding Competitions in 2022 while competing in the Iranian National Bodybuilding League in Urmia. This report covers the results of the First Iranian National Bodybuilding Competitions and the latest on the second round of the competitions in 2022.


Masoud Ghadirian in First Iranian National Bodybuilding Competitions

Ilna News Agency reports that Urmia's Al-Qadir Hall hosted the country's first national bodybuilding competition. In this sporting event, Masoud Ghadirian placed second. The following are the winners:

  1. First rank (gold medalist): Kambiz Samadi, from Tehran Province
  2. Second rank (silver medalist): Masoud Ghadirian, from Isfahan Province
  3. Third rank (bronze medalist): Kianoosh Khorramipour, from Alborz Province
  4. Fourth rank: Armin Fazeli, from Lorestan Province
  5. Fifth rank: Mustafa Barghousi, from Khuzestan Province
  6. Sixth rank: Aliasghar Kabuli, from Mazandaran Province


The referees' judgment was slammed when the results of the +220 lbs. category were announced at the end of the competitions.

Popular Iranian bodybuilder Masoud Ghadirian, who is renowned for his moral character and good manners, not only refrained from objecting to the results but also cordially congratulated Kambiz Samadi, a rival, on his victory.

Despite the fact that the top three winners of these competitions were invited to compete in the Asian Bodybuilding Championship, Kianoush Khorramipour (the bronze medalist of the national competitions) opted out. As a result, Kambiz Samadi and Masoud Ghadirian competed on the Asian Cup stage against their rivals.


Ten days after the end of the national competitions, the Asian Bodybuilding Championship was held. The two competitors, Kambiz Samadi and Masoud Ghadirian, who had placed first and second respectively in the 2022 national competitions, faced off against one another in these contests.

Masoud Ghadirian, Champion of 2022 Iranian National Competitions

Masoud Ghadirian ought to have won first place in the national competitions rather than Kambiz Samadi, according to the critics, because Kambiz Samadi's abdominal muscle swell in the national and Asian competitions was a violation of international bodybuilding rules.


Masoud Ghadirian, on the other hand, made no protests and accepted the decisions of the referees in national competitions.

 Finally, he won first place and the gold medal in the Asian Cup. He also took home the gold medal at the Romanian International Grand Prix in 2021.

Since 2020, the Iranian national bodybuilding competitions have received a lot of attention, whereas national competitions in Iran were not well received prior to that.


The smack-talking of Masoud Ghadirian and his opponents appears to be one of the factors that contributed to the attraction and popularity of bodybuilding competitions, particularly in the +220 lbs. category.

 Bodybuilders are eagerly awaiting the competition between this Iranian bodybuilder and his opponents because he has won the first title in three national competitions since 2020.

Masoud Ghadirian in Second Iranian National Bodybuilding Competitions

Masoud Ghadirian, an Iranian popular bodybuilder, stated in his most recent interview that he will compete in the Second Iranian National Bodybuilding Competitions in summer 2022.

Ghadirian is currently the heaviest Iranian bodybuilder competing in bodybuilding competitions, weighing 306 lbs.

Kambiz Samadi and Kianoush Khorramipour, two of Masoud Ghadirian's fierce rivals, have also announced their intention to compete in the +220 lbs. category of these competitions.

 The Second Iranian National Bodybuilding Competitions will take place in Kermanshah in the summer of 2022, and the athletes' supporters cannot wait.

 This competition will feature bodybuilding teams from various Iranian provinces competing in deferent weight categories.


The national bodybuilding competitions will be held in three weight categories for adults, adolescents, and veterans:

• 60 kg/132 lbs.

• 65 kg / 143 lbs.

• 70 kg / 154 lbs.

• 75 kg / 165 lbs.

• 80 kg / 176 lbs.

• 85 kg / 187 lbs.

• 90 kg / 198 lbs.

• 95 kg / 209 lbs.

• 100 kg / 220 lbs.

• +100 kg / +220 lbs.


August 2022 will mark the second iteration of the Iranian National Bodybuilding Competitions. According to the Kermanshah-based Ilna News Agency, during today's meeting between Abdulmahdi Nasirzadeh, the Head of the Iranian Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation, and the governor of Kermanshah Province, this province was set to host the Iranian national bodybuilding qualifiers. These competitions, attended by all athletes nationwide, will be held on August 9-13, 2022.


Bahman Amiri moghadam, the head of the Iranian Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation, is quoted by Ilna News Agency as saying, "Given the tremendous interest that the young people of this province have in these sports, holding national and international competitions of strength sports, such as bodybuilding and power lifting, in Kermanshah Province can unquestionably boost the vitality of the youth." He was referring to the potential talents of young adults in this province in strength sports. / Ilna News Agency