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President Rouhani: Mosques to open in 132 low-danger cities

President Hassan Rouhani said in the meeting of the National Task Force Committee for Fighting Coronavirus on Sunday that mosques will open in 132 low-danger white zones and will hold Friday Prayers from this week.

President Rouhani: Mosques to open in 132 low-danger cities

The President thanked the people for observing the protocols declared by the Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education to contain the epidemic.

Praying and hoping that the virus will disappear soon, President Rouhani said on average 83% of people have followed the directives of the protocols and in some cities the statistics is 92%, indicating to what extent the people give importance to their health and cooperate with the officials.

Rouhani complained that people of Tehran have followed the protocols a bit less.

President Rouhani thanked those who helped the poor with support packages and the medical staff that has been in the arena since day one of the crisis.

He added that in the first phase of the crisis 78 million people were examined and the second phase, which is more precise and purposeful, will screen 30 million people.

He went on to say that the conditions in medical centers have improved since the beginning of the crisis. More than 1,000 ventilators and 400 special beds have been added, which show the medics and medical staff has done a great job.

Saying that the time of the end of the pandemic is not clear yet, President Rouhani said more than 80 centers throughout the world are trying to develop a vaccine for the virus and 130 centers are working on a cure.

We should be ready for the post-coronavirus conditions, he said, adding that the epidemic may diminish and then spread again afterwards.

He said that some jobs, even in red zones, need to reopen observing the safety protocols, which will be announced later.

The US has been subject to desperation and disarray which is strange; but such thing didn’t happen here in Iran, he said.

The world after the virus will not be the same. Exports and imports will not be the same. Those who claimed there is no way except for regional and international unions moved toward nationalism. Even some started to snatch masks from their friends. Nationalism got strong again and international unions became weak, he said.

President Rouhani said that the pandemic era brought disgrace to US Administration for prolongation of sanctions, adding that the US sanctions were softly condemned in the past, but now the international community uses strongly worded terms to condemn the US sanctions on nations at a time when the people of several states need medical and emergency supplies to be bought from abroad.

Iran practices no discrimination in fight against coronavirus; nationality, religion, ethnicity, and the like are of no significance. Everyone is the same, the president said.

We heard that "black and white" matters in the United States and the natives and non-natives are treated differently in the US, he said.

 President Rouhani added that now Iran is standing on its own feet and relies on domestic products.

Rouhani said It was suggested that schools reopen from May 9 or 16 and after a month exams be given, but further debates are going on.


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