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Iran, as victims of chemical weapons, has been the flag bearer of the fight against weapons of mass destruction and terrorism.

Speaking at the regular weekly meeting of the Council of Ministers, President Hassan Rouhani said on Wednesday, Iran is a key state in fighting weapons of mass destruction and terrorism.

According to Iran Press, Rouhani said, “Iran is the biggest victim of aggression and terrorism and using weapons of mass destruction and a major state in fighting WMDs, because we are its victims.”

 “We are a big family of 80 million people and it is natural to have problems. We should be proud of fighting corruption step by step,” Rouhani said.

He continued, “Today, we should be –and are- the top country in not letting terrorists take advantage of different financial systems for transferring money.”

 “The truth is that the entire world is faced with money laundering. We must all make attempts to decrease corruption and stop money laundering,” the president added.

Rouhani went on to refer to the hard work and devotion of the law enforcement, IRGC and Basij in western and eastern borders, saying, “Unfortunately, there is drugs in our country and we must fight it. Where there’s drugs, there’s dirty money, which is being laundered somewhere, maybe in Afghanistan, Turkey or Europe.”

Rouhani added,"people of Iran are very kind and wherever we go, they warmly welcome us despite the hardships they have been facing in the recent months.”

 “In year 1394 when our foreign ministers and nuclear negotiation team were negotiating with the 6 countries, I visited Isfahan and the people of the city warmly welcomed him in a way that the US Foreign Secretary told the negotiation team that he had seen the welcoming and felt how much the people support the government.”

He continued, “One of the greatest honour of the 11th Government is working hard to save Lake Urmia.”

Referring to the work done in developing the private sector, free trade zones, tourism, power plants and new factories that have been opened, he said, “This indicates that our country is alive and the government is doing everything it can.”


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