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The new achievements of the maritime industries of the Iranian Armed Forces will be introduced in the near future, Defense Minister Brigadier General Amir Hatami announced on Saturday.

Hatami made the vow in his visit to Mashhad Defense Industries Exhibition where he asserted, “In maritime sector, Islamic Republic of Iran has managed to take fundamental and significant strides in equipping naval force of Army, the IRGC and Law Enforcement Forces, so that we will soon witness introduction of giant achievements in this field.”

In his two-day visit to Mashhad, the defense minister was briefed on the process of manufacturing of the military equipment in the Northeastern Iranian city.

Given the high capabilities and potentials of the country in relevant fields, he called on experts in the defense industry to take effective steps, relying upon their aboriginal knowhow and knowledge, in line with materializing objectives of the Armed Forces in the shortest time possible.

He assessed the defense industry exhibition held in holy city of Mashhad ‘excellent’ and said “in spite of expert, the most experienced, committed and motivated manpower in maritime and aerospace industries of the country, we managed to provide a highly valuable technological services to the Armed Forces.”

Given the above issue, Mashhad is considered as one of the main hubs of the defense industry in the nationwide, he maintained.

In conclusion, the Minister of Defense Amir Hatami termed salient achievements taken in the country in the defense, air, and aerospace industries as ‘outstanding and significant’ and said, “despite cruel sanctions imposed on Iran, experts and scientists of the Ministry of Defense have managed to conquer the borders of science and knowledge and attained valuable achievements, the most important of which is manufacturing Kowsar fighter jet."

Iran has made big achievements in production of different weapons and military equipment.

In a related front, in August, Rear Admiral Khanzadi had announced that his forces would soon be supplied with a new modern home-made submarine which will surprise the enemies.

"Fateh submarine will join the Navy's fleet by the end of this (Iranian) year," Rear Admiral Khanzadi said.

He explained that different tests have been carried out on Fateh, adding, "Fateh is a Navy surprise for those who show us their claws and teeth."


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