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Introducing IranHealthAgency Medical Tourism

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Soheila Borouji, Chief Operating Officer at IranHealthAgency, a medical tourism in Iran agency providing international patient services in Iran and Turkey, talks about IranHealthAgency's upcoming health tourism ventures in Iran and Turkey.

With many main questions, she describes IranHealth completely in her answers!

About IranHealthAgency

Iranhealths facilitates affordable, high-quality medical care for international patients at some of Iran’s top hospitals and clinics. We connect patients from abroad with vetted Iranian doctors and facilities across different treatment areas - dentistry, infertility, orthopedics, cosmetic procedures, and more.

Also, we aim to strategically showcase Iran's immense capabilities in medical travel to a global audience.

For too long, misperceptions have obscured the innovations in care and technology happening across Iran's hospitals each day. The reality is we have some of the Middle East's most advanced medical facilities with internationally trained specialists yet at a fraction of the cost of similar procedures abroad.


At Iranhealths, our mission isn't self-promotion but service-expertly guiding each patient to the treatment that can best restore their health and change their life. We intend to build partnerships abroad that allow us to compassionately care for more people in need.


Every patient becomes family in our process. Our team handles each visa, transport, appointment, and recovery need with meticulous care and expertise. By earning trust through transparency and results, we hope to show the true spirit of Iranian hospitality.

What services does Iranhealths offer specifically?

We handle everything for the patient - scheduling appointments, securing visas, arranging airport reception, booking hotels or furnished apartments near the hospitals, providing in-patient language translation, and so on. Each patient gets a dedicated case manager who oversees the entire treatment plan. We take care of all logistics so the patient can focus solely on their recovery and health.

And why look at Iran for medical travel?

Iran has one of the most developed healthcare systems in the Middle East, with first-rate hospitals on par with top facilities in the US and Europe. But costs here are far lower - up to 70% savings compared to Western countries. We bring incredible value catering to international patients. The government also actively invests in medical tourism in Iran infrastructure and aims to attract one million foreign patients annually by 2025.

About the doctors and hospitals, IranHealth works with?


IranHealthAgency thoroughly vet every medical provider in our network to meet strict quality and safety standards. We partner with Iran’s premier teaching hospitals, many staffed by Western-trained, English-speaking physicians. Patients directly connect with their doctor, often the top specialist in their field. We personalize treatment plans for each patient’s condition and health history.

What sets Iranhealths apart in medical tourism?

Truly patient-centric care. From start to finish, we make the patient our top priority - in selecting the medical expertise that matches their needs, coordinating a positive treatment experience, and ensuring their comfort throughout their stay. We provide complete transparency on pricing with no hidden costs. Our team is always available to help address every patient's question or concern. Ultimately, we deliver outcomes and hospitality that exceed expectations.

Serving Patients From Over 50 Countries Worldwide


At IHA, facilitating advanced medical care to patients from diverse global locales is at the heart of our mission. Over the past 5 years, we have assisted patients traveling to Iran for quality treatment from over 50 countries and six continents around the globe, including:

Introducing IranHealthAgency Medical Tourism

United Arab Emirates & Gulf Region

From the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Kuwait, we have welcomed patients predominantly seeking specialized care in areas like orthopedics, infertility treatment, dental procedures, and weight loss surgeries at significantly reduced costs. Our tailored Arab patient services bridge language and cultural needs.

United States & Canada

Many patients from North America turn to Iranhealths after being unable to access treatments domestically whether due to high costs, lack of insurance coverage, or long wait times. Top conditions brought to Iran include orthopedics, anti-aging therapies, IVF assistance, and lifesaving cancer treatment.


Iran is increasingly a medical travel hotspot for patients from Italy, Germany, Spain, and across the EU receiving advanced care not fully covered by European insurance plans today, especially for cutting-edge procedures. Common areas are robotic surgeries, precision oncology, and chronic illness treatments.

Asia, Australia & Beyond

Due to Iran’s convenience for medical travel and expertise in complex conditions, we facilitate patients every year from India, China, Russia, Turkey, Thailand, South Africa, and even South America. Care specialization runs the gamut based on each patient’s unique medical and financial needs.


At Iran Health Agency, borders do not exist in our commitment to patient health and wellbeing. Discover the premier care Iran offers and let us expertly guide your medical journey, wherever you are coming from!

Most important services we offer to patient from worldwide

In recent years, Iran has become a popular destination for people who need medical care, especially in areas like transplants, dentistry, plastic surgery in Iran and other treatments. One of the main organizations that offer these services is the Iran Health Agency. This institution is well-known around the world for its high-quality care, modern facilities, and skilled medical staff who work hard to provide patients with personalized treatment plans that fit their needs.


One of the most popular services offered by the Iran Health Agency is cosmetic surgery. We have a team of talented plastic surgeons who are experts in procedures like breast augmentation, liposuction, facelifts and rhinoplasty in Iran. Patients from all over the world come to Iran to get these treatments because we promise natural-looking results that can boost their confidence.


Another important service provided by the Iran Health Agency is organ transplants. This means that We can help people who need a new kidney, liver, or bone marrow to stay alive. The Iran Health Agency has a good reputation for doing these procedures well and ethically.

Dentistry is also a big part of what the Iran Health Agency offers. We have experienced dentists who can help with anything from routine check-ups to more complicated procedures like dental implants, veneers, and teeth whitening.

Why Iranhealths Stands Out in Medical Travel

While Iran is gaining renown as a global leader in medical travel, Iranhealths goes beyond the rest in our dedication to world-class patient services for international visitors. What gives us the competitive edge?

Unparalleled Hospital Network

We thoroughly vet every clinic and specialist we partner with through 15 years of medical relationships. Patients connect only with Iran’s finest doctors and facilities known for clinical excellence.

End-to-End Support

From handling travel logistics like visas and airport greetings to assisting with the hotel, translations, dietary needs, and follow-ups, our team manages everything to enable patients to solely focus on healing.

Personalized Patient Matching

Each patient is paired with the specialist, hospital, and customized treatment plan that aligns completely with their diagnosis, medical history, and personal preferences for optimal individual results.

Transparent Pricing & Cost Savings

We offer full cost breakdowns upfront and provide greater value through direct doctor relationships – passing bulk savings to international patients with no hidden fees or surprise bills.

Post-Treatment Check-Ins

You remain a VIP long after departing Iran! We schedule calls and virtual follow-ups for up to 6 months to ensure patients feel continuously cared for and supported.

Introducing IranHealthAgency Medical Tourism

When it comes to coordinating world-class treatment tailored for international visitors, Iran Health sets the highest standard across the dimensions defining patient experience, quality, and overall medical travel. 


Please join us as we push Iran's healthcare into an exciting new chapter. We welcome you to learn more at about the world-class care happening here today, ready to meet any medical travel need.