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Tehran is the political, social, and commercial capital of Iran. This city is one of the best places for tourists in all seasons.

Tehran is the political, social, and commercial capital of Iran. This city was chosen as the political capital of Iran since the Qajar dynasty. Today, Tehran has a population of more than 10 million and is the second-most populous city in the Middle East. As a metropolis, Tehran has many historical, cultural, artistic, religious, and tourist attractions that attract many tourists from all over the world and Iran every year. For traveling to this city, you can use a car rental in Tehran and visit all the perfect places there.


How to travel from Tehran?

  • Travel to Tehran by car

One of the best ways for traveling to Tehran is your car or you're renting a car. When traveling by car, you can specify where the destination is and what route it takes. On the other hand, traveling with strangers is a bit difficult for many people. When traveling by car, everyone is known and becomes a booklet for friends or family.

  • Travel by bus

As a bus passenger, you have paid for the trip and you do not have to worry about fuel costs, tolls, car breakdowns, even accidents, and fatigue while driving. Buses are available always and everywhere.

  • Travel to Tehran by train

You can travel to Tehran by train too. Train helps you to travel between cities. So, if you are in another city, you can take a ticket and travel to Tehran.

  • Travel to Tehran by plane

One of the best ways for tourists or people who want to visit Tehran is, by plane. Traveling by plane helps you to save your time but the cost of this way of traveling is more than other ways.

Where should we go to Tehran?

Tehran is the heart of Iran and the largest city in the country with an area of ​​about 730 square kilometers. This city is the center of administrative structures and more than half of the country's industry activists. Hence, the flood of the population is always flowing towards it in all seasons of the year. This has made the air and land routes leading to this 27th city of the world crowded.

Azadi Tower

From the past to the present, many people know Tehran by the tower or "Freedom Square"; the tower, which was built in 1349 AD and is located at the western entrance of the city and also close to the western passenger terminal, is the first building that attracts the attention of travelers on the western roads of Tehran. This famous building has various facilities such as a theater, gallery, library, museum, and more. Azadi Tower is on the list of the best places to see in Tehran at night, which also has an extraordinary view.


Tehran Milad Tower

Milad Tower of Tehran is one of the sights of Tehran and the sixth tallest telecommunication tower in the world. Today, Milad Tower is known as the symbol of Tehran and the tourism hub of the capital.

Nature Bridge

One of the most perfect places in Tehran is the nature bridge. Nature Bridge is the largest non-vehicle bridge in the Middle East that connects Taleghani Park in the east of Tehran to the Water and Fire Park in the west.

Nature Bridge is one of the most popular sights in Tehran, which offers a unique view of the Iranian capital.


Golestan palace

Tehran Golestan Palace was registered in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2013. A unique collection that shows the history, architecture, culture, and art of the ancient people of Iran to the world. This palace complex includes Main Hall, Shams Al-Amara, Marble Throne, Diamond Hall, Marble Throne Porch, Salam Hall, Dining Hall, Karim Khani Privacy, Diamond Hall, Windbreak Mansion, and White Palace.

Tajrish Bazaar, one of the old markets of Tehran

Tajrish Bazaar is one of the sights of Tehran, which is located between Ghods Square and Tajrish Square. Tajrish Bazaar has a fruit and vegetable market where you can find rare fruits and seasonal fruits in all seasons.

Tehran Nation Park

Mellat Park was designed by Posen in the style of English parks in 1345. Different parts of Mellat Park include various plant species, forests, animal species, artificial lake, cinema campus, zoo, and various recreational and sports facilities (ping pong, handball, chess table, ski and cycling track, playground, Golf course, etc.).



We have perfect places in Tehran. As we said before, you can find the best car rental company before traveling to Tehran and after that rent a car in this city and save your money and your time and enjoy your trip.





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