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The adventures of "Benyamin Rezaei" on a trip to 60 countries!

The adventures of "Benyamin Rezaei" on a trip to 60 countries!

Benyamin Rezaei, a young Iranian tourist known in the virtual world as "Benyamin Marco", has traveled to more than 60 countries on 4 different continents and published what he saw in the form of travelogues and several books; His education is in the field of tourism and he has experienced many trips due to his great interest in tourism.  Benyamin Rezaei, known in the virtual world as Benjamin Marco, was born in 1984 in the city of Alborz. He studied tourism and experienced many trips with his knowledge and interest. So far, Benjamin has traveled to more than 57 countries on four different continents and published what he has seen in the form of travelogues and several books. Among the works of this young tourist, we can mention books such as Yedoneh Vali Mardoneh, Tehran to Vancouver, Eighty Days around Europe, Immigration to Istanbu,l and Eight Years Around the World. Read more: Corona and the destruction of tourism in Iran Tourist guides suffer from absolute unemployment and lack of unemployment insurance! What is the need for Iranian tourism to be activated in the silence of world tourism? Qutbuddin Sadeghi's "hate speech" against sexual minorities What we should do "after the Corona vaccine"

Benyamin rezaei's Travels After migrating to Turkey as a young man, Benyamin spent about 4 years touring in various cities of the country, and since 2010, he has traveled to Asian destinations such as China, Malaysia, Azerbaijan, India, Cyprus, Dubai, and Georgia. . From 2013 to 2017, he traveled to some European countries, such as Paris, France, Frankfurt, Germany, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and Thessaloniki, Greece. In 2017, Benjamin traveled to Africa, including Kenya, Nairobi, Tanzania, Uganda, and Zanzibar, and then traveled to cities such as Vancouver, Toronto, Whistler, and Montreal in Canada.


What makes Benjamin Rezaei's travels differently was his recent trip around Europe in his personal car, which we will discuss in more detail. Traveling around Europe with a Peugeot 207 As a rule, traveling by land, especially by car, will be associated with issues and problems that can not be easily ignored, but this type of travel, which in English literature is called Slow Tourism. It is said that it also comes with benefits and sweets. In 2019, Benyamin started traveling around Europe with a Peugeot 207. He traveled from Europe to Tehran to Turkey and then to Greece, from where he sailed to Italy. Benjamin Marco's travel route is as follows: Tehran-Ankara-Istanbul Greece (Alexander Polly, Thessaloniki-Agnomenitsa) Italy (Bari, Rome, Napoli, Florence, Venice) Austria (Innsbruck) Liechtenstein (Fados) Germany (Munich) Switzerland ( Zurich, Bern, Geneva) France (Annecy, Monaco, Marseille Antibes, Montpellier) Spain (Barcelona,   Granada, Valencia, Malaga, Sevilla) Joined in Gibraltar Record (Portugal) Lisbon (Spain) Spain (Madrid, Pamplona) France (Barcelona) Paris) Luxembourg (Luxembourg, Schengen) Belgium (Brussels) Netherlands (Amsterdam, Leiden, The Hague) Germany (Hamburg, Berlin) Czech Republic (Prague) Austria (Vienna) Slovenia (Bratislava) Hungary (Budapest) Serbia (Belgrade) Bulgaria , Stara, Zagora) Turkey (Canakkale, Konya, Cappadocia, Van) and finally arrived in Iran in October after 110 days of adventurous travel  If you want to know more about the biography, books and fascinating travels of this tasteful tourist, we suggest you visit her site "".

Experiences of traveling around Europe Benyamin Rezaei shared his experiences on his Instagram from the very beginning of his trip and was added to his travel fans day by day. Bitter and sweet events that all formed a different experience. Arriving in Gibraltar, Benjamin was able to record a trip to the farthest point of Europe by Iranian car in his own name, and in a video he said something like this: "Don't tell me what your car is, tell me how far you went with your car!" And this became a positive trend for travelers who are interested in traveling by car. One of his fascinating experiences was visiting the Benz factory and making a documentary about this famous brand. You may be interested to know that Benjamin, because of his love and respect for Rumi, wrote a poem by this Iranian poet on his car and when he returned from Europe and arrived at his tomb, he said in a report: "He is very happy to write poetry.


Rumi, go around Europe and come to the tomb of this poet at the end of your trip! ” Benjamin experienced a bitter incident in Barcelona,   where Barcelona thieves broke his car window and stole his personal belongings such as a phone, camera, and other items, and the police fined him 200 euros for transporting the car to the parking lot. In addition to all this misery, the Iranian tourist got involved in issues to find the glass of the Peugeot 207, which all went hand in hand so that he could have an unpleasant experience in this city. Finally, as mentioned at the beginning of the text, people experience different journeys depending on their taste, personality type, cultural geography, financial issues, and dozens of other topics, for which there may be a specific reason.

Adventurers like Benyamin Marco will one day decide to make their dream come true and travel in their own vehicles like other great tourists from Iran and the world. Travel, especially land and leisure travel, maybe more difficult than a planned tour, but tourists and tourists who choose this type of travel are more prepared to face sudden problems. These people usually believe that travel strengthens their spirit in life, especially problems, and passing through any city and gift and getting acquainted with different cultures, quenches their curiosity. Of course, it is necessary to explain that every tourist learns a lot by traveling by studying and observing the experiences of others, which minimizes unforeseen problems.