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In this article we will talk about how to choose a forex broker. as you know in iran, we do not have a lot of choices , so we shouold choose wisely .

Trading in the Forex market is practically impossible for iranians without using the services of a broker or broker, and all traders must choose a broker according to their needs. Top forex brokers ( in Persian: بهترین بروکر فارکس ) Brokers are in fact intermediaries between traders around the world and make trading possible by creating a buying / selling platform. At Forex Training School, we looked at the differences in the performance of brokers in this article, now it's time to look at the pros and cons of each broker. But note that due to problems and laws, the number of active brokers in Iran (compared to other countries) is limited. In the following, the ranking of active Forex brokers in Iran and the strengths and weaknesses of each are expressed so that you as a trader can choose the best Forex broker according to your trading model and strategy. Click here for important parameters in reviewing the best Forex broker for iranian. Also, if you want to know the best broker for scalp, read this part of the article.

what are top brokers in forex?

With this new update that we gave in this text for the first quarter of 2022, you can now imagine choosing the best Forex broker for Iranians! We have provided the safest and most reliable brokers with the best support and services to Iranians, so that you can just trade and make money safely! It should be mentioned here all the information related to the comparison of brokers from spreads, commissions, bonuses, offers and maximum leverage and…. We said all the other things and explained the details of each in the special page of each broker. In short, you can rest easy and leave your money in the hands of safe and professional companies in Forex!

If you look at the conversations of traders in active international forums, you will see that even the best brokers in the world are dissatisfied. No broker is perfect and cannot keep all its customers satisfied. We are talking about the credibility of brokers, not their perfection. The more credible and well-regulated the broker is, the lower the likelihood of violations, and in the event of a dispute, the trader can defend his rights by providing evidence.


Unfortunately, last year we saw the termination of cooperation of large brokers in the Iranian market. Hotfarx Broker, ForexTime said goodbye to Iran Market last year. The famous Exxon broker also left Iran a few years ago. However, there are reputable brokers suitable for the Forex market. Iran Broker experts identified and evaluated more than 30 active brokers in Iran to select the best broker for Iranians. First, a summary of this review is shown in the table below, and then the classification and evaluation of each broker will be discussed.

how can we find a good broker for iranian?

Without going into details, I have listed the best forex brokers who have failed their exams in all respects and also have good Persian support for Iranians. Personally, I do not think they are different, what matters is your trading skills, so whichever you choose, I do not think it makes much difference. However, in order of popularity and ranking of users, I have listed the reputable Forex brokers in Iran below.


After years of experience and numerous ups and downs, many failures and successes in Forex trading, today we are at your service with full confidence to introduce and critique the best Forex broker, which is the result of years of effort and lightening in the field of Forex. And we will pass the full review to you dear ones.

Which broker should we choose? From the beginning, I will offer you two points, first, to have accounts in several brokers and not to deposit all your money in one broker. Second, "credit - credit - credit"! Pay attention to the credibility of a broker. A broker may offer you a large bonus, then announce that we will receive a small commission. But this is not our only problem! We need to enter a broker that has a high reputation.

Choosing the right broker is always one of the concerns of people who want to invest in Forex. What elements should we consider for a suitable broker? On some pages they announce that the broker is not very important! is it correct? Which broker is the best and most suitable broker for me? In this article, we have tried to fully introduce the best Forex brokers.

Brokers that work with Iranian

With Hot Forex leaving Iran in the ranking of Forex brokers, Amarkets can be considered as one of the top 3 brokers. The Forex market is always risky, despite the huge benefits it provides to traders. Amarkets broker realizes the need of traders for reassurance and insures users' accounts up to 20,000 Euros. This peace of mind helps traders to follow their trading strategies with focus and confidence and get the most profit from each trade.

Amarkets may now have the strongest Persian support team among the brokers serving Iran. It also allows you to trade on a wide range of trading symbols. Amarkets can be one of the candidates for the title of the best Forex broker for Iranians at the moment. The advantages and disadvantages of Amarkets Broker are listed in the table below:

The listed brokers, in addition to the features that we have described in tabular form, have other important features that we mentioned in each of the training links that are placed under each of the brokers. Features such as the amount of trading commission, spreads, the amount of call margin and. Are very important for traders and each of these values ​​is different for the type of accounts of each broker.



So if you want to start a deal First, read each of the broker registration training articles and study the exact characteristics of each broker, and then select the right Forex broker for investing and trading.

Forex broker regulator

When choosing a forex broker to trade, we must make sure that the broker has a credential from the country in which he is located. Otherwise, we have seen many cases where they have registered in a broker without regulation and have not been able to withdraw their money after trading and earning money. And all their capital is lost.

You need to choose a broker who is under the supervision of a reputable organization. Brokers usually introduce 50% of their capital to this organization to receive a credit from this organization, and customers can easily invest in this organization and have no problem withdrawing their money. Forex broker regulator indicates the credibility and security of the Forex broker.

Regulatory provider countries

In this article, we describe a number of regulatory agencies that issue regulators in important countries:

UK: FCA means that any broker who intends to operate in the UK must obtain a certificate from this organization and when registering with a Forex broker, you must be careful to have a certificate.

Switzerland: SFS


Australia: ASIC

Germany: BaFIN

Canada: IIROC

Forex broker that support Iranians

When you want to register in Forex Broker, you must first check whether this broker provides services to Iranians or not?

In some brokers, it is possible for Iranians to register, but they do not provide services for Iranians, and if money is deposited, it is not possible to trade and withdraw money. Unfortunately, some of these brokers did not mention on their website before registering that they do not provide services for Iranians. In this case, your account may be blocked and you may not even be able to withdraw the money you have deposited. So when choosing and registering in Forex broker, you should use brokers that serve Iranians.

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