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What are the most requested medical tours in Iran?

Iran is one of the countries with a high demand for cosmetic surgeries.

What are the most requested medical tours in Iran?

Not only Iranians but also many patients from around the world prefer to take a medical tour and travel to Iran for their plastic surgeries. it may be interesting to know which surgeries in our country are more popular among medical tourists. IranMedopia as one of the biggest providers of Iran medical tour packages is going to tell you which plastic surgeries are the most requested by the tourists in the cities of Iran. so, if you are also interested in booking a medical tour in Iran and travel here for your cosmetic surgeries, stay with us.

The most popular Iran medical tours in Iran

Today, many people are looking for cosmetic surgeons who can have a flatter abdomen, enlarge their breasts or change the shape of their nose. Read the most popular cosmetic surgeries that tourists tent to book with different Iran medical tour providers below:


Nose job in Iran is one of the most common surgeries and the most popular cosmetic surgery in Iran. A skilled and trained cosmetic surgeon can change the shape of the nose and make it fit the face and face. This surgery is one of the most popular surgeries among adolescents, but surgeons recommend that people wait until they are 15 to 16 years old and turn to such surgeries after puberty. Usually, there is no major problem after surgery, and recovery takes between one to three weeks.

Hair transplantation

Half of all men and most women lose their hair as they age. These hairs usually retain their thickness around and behind the head. This allows the surgeon to transfer a small amount of hair from this area to bald areas or areas where the hair is thin. The hair transplant in Iran process has become much simpler in today's world. Hundreds of micrographs, each containing one to three strands of mustard, are naturally placed in the head. This cosmetic surgery has many fans from around the world in Iran.

Cosmetic eyelid surgery

An eyelid cosmetic surgeon can treat many problems such as drooping eyelids. Excess skin and fat are removed to make the eyelid smoother and tighter. Fat can be transferred from one area to another to reduce puffiness under the eyes or bumps under the eyes. The treatment lasts about a week and usually does not cause many wounds.

Skin laser

Applying a laser on the skin usually uses light rays to get rid of damaged cells. After the outer layer of the skin is removed, the fine lines and spots that were on it disappear. This type of procedure is usually excellent on sun-damaged and acne-prone skin. Depending on the type of laser used, recovery time takes about one to two weeks.

Neck lift surgery

If you have a problem in the neck area, you can use neck lift surgery. The surgeon can correct the problems in the neck by adjusting the muscles in the neck and removing the fat from it. A neck lift is often done in conjunction with a facelift. Like other surgeries, this cosmetic surgery can cause infection. Treatment usually lasts more than two weeks. Iran has many customers for this surgery annually in different cities of Iran.

Facelift surgery

A facelift can refresh and rejuvenate your face. The surgery usually begins around the ear, where the surgeon tries to remove excess skin and work on deeper layers of skin and muscles. Infection is possible in this surgery but it is very rare. Facelifts usually give way to simpler options such as Botox or laser treatment.

Arm lift surgery

Arm lifting becomes a major challenge as you age to maintain the strength of your triceps. This is more common in women. As you become older, the result is excess skin and fat in this area, which usually causes the arm to deform. Arm lifts can solve such problems. In an arm lift surgery, the lower part of the arm is tightened and excess fat and skin are removed.



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