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The Vice president for science and technology, Sourena Sattari, has emphasized that a new generation of job creators is now active in the country, and a new business environment suitable for this new generation is also needed in the country.

Speaking at the closing ceremony of the fourteenth Shahid Rajaie Conference in Tehran on Saturday, Sourena Sattari said: "We need to actively support hi-tech knowledge-based companies, and provide suitable services to them, since they will be the backbone of a future economy.  This is very important."

Elsewhere in his remarks, the vice president in charge of science and technology said:  "A new generation of job creators is now active, and we need to support them by providing them with a new business and work environment."

He added "The government is backing hi-tech knowledge-based companies and startups, and we hope to continue this good work in years to come".


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