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The Iranian parliament has voted to impeach Finance Minister Masoud Karbasian, as the country tries to cope with an economic crisis.

 The official lost a vote of confidence by 137 votes to 121, with two abstentions. Karbasian has become the second minister to be impeached this month.

 Earlier in August, Minister of Cooperatives, Labour and Social Welfare Ali Rabiei was sacked by parliament.

Critics of Rouhani's government say it squandered the opportunities presented by the nuclear deal, which now looks increasingly moribund after the US pulled out in May and began reintroducing sanctions.

"Inefficiency and lack of planning have nothing to do with sanctions," said one conservative MP, Abbas Payizadeh, in a speech ahead of the vote.

"Wrong decisions have harmed the people and led to individuals looting public assets."


Iranian finance minister
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