Director of Cinema Organization’s Message to 41st Fajr International Film Festival

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Director of the Cinema Organization of Iran, Mohammad Khazaei in a message to the 41st Fajr International Film Festival said this cinematic event has changed into the cultural heritage of the country.

Khazaei also described the festival as the manifestation of the annual achievements of Iranian cinema.

Commenting on some certain foreign currents that has tried to boycott this cinematic event, he added:” In the past few months, a cowardly and continuous attack has been formed by some think tanks of obstinate countries against our beloved Iran, and cinema has not been deprived of these shrapnel as one of the manifestations of Islamic Republic’s powerful cultural work in the region and the world.”

Khazaei said Iran’s cinema will turn all these “threats” into “opportunities”.

He added that the international section of the FIFF enjoys the best capacity to adopt realistic approaches and counter the domination system, cultural imperialism and international terrorism.