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ILNA: Over 100 Iranians airplanes are still grounded due to due to technical and logistic issues.

Deputy Minister of Road and Urban Development Mohammad - Ali Ilkhani said that financial problems and the sanctions imposed on Iran limits the airlines’ ability to repair the planes.

“Most of the grounded planes are Fokker ۱۰۰, which have British engines. London has not agreed to repair the engines yet, ” he explained.

Iranian Minister of Road and Urban Development Abbas Ahmad Akhoundi said on Dec. ۲۰ that Iran has sent the engines of ۱۴ airplanes to foreign countries in order to be repaired.

“ ۷ engines have been fixed and returned, ” he said.

The Iranian minister further stressed that the country’s civil air fleet should be renewed.

Akhoundi said on August ۳۱ that the country plans to increase the number of its air fleet to ۵۰۰ planes.

On July ۲۴, AFP reported that Boeing has struck a deal with Iran Air to provide plane parts, the first time the U. S. firm will be doing business with Iran since the U. S. embargo of ۱۹۷۹.

According to a regulatory filing published on July ۲۳, Boeing will supply goods and services " related to the safety of flight " to Iran Air, the country’s flag carrier.

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